Welcome to Antonin Catering HK

French Licensed Food Factory located in Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong.


We cater for your food needs in Hong Kong:

  • Corporate or private parties
  • Special events
  • Lunch trays , Bento boxes
  • Plats cusinés
  • Junk boat menus

 Why "ANTONIN" Catering

The name Antonin was chosen as a tribute to Marie-Antoine Carême, “king of the chefs and chef of the kings”. He preferred to be called Antonin.


We are dedicated to offer you quality catering services up to your requirements.

We are experienced caterers, passionate about  food  and offering quality French and European food, with excellent value for money.



Providing quality French food from Children to adults in Hong Kong since 2010.


From children canteen...

Antonin Catering activity was started to serve the needs for canteen lunches for French International Kindergartens, by Chef Christian Cuvelier. We have been been providing canteen services form our Licenced food factory to the main French private Kinder garden schools who do not have in-house canteen in Hong Kong ( Les petits lascars, La Chouette Ecole and Lou Pichoun). Around 150 tailor made and balanced meals are served daily.

Antonin Catering is also providing regular catering services to corporates in Hong Kong: executive lunches, buffet, junks menus...


...to Les Plats de Résistance

In 2020, and with the closure of schools canteen du to Covid 19, Antonin Catering has Launched "Les plats de Résistance", a line of vacuumed packed meals ready to re-heat and serve in 8 mn! Made freshly and daily in our Kitchen, our Vacuumed packed meals offers authentic, tasty French food at excellent value for money.

Find them at https://antonin-catering.kyte.site/


Patisseries by Disciples Escoffier

In 2020 also, Antonin Catering started a cooperation with L’Insitut Culinaire Disciples Escoffier, in order to provide a quality line of Patisseries made in Hong Kong with the highest French standards, serving retail and wholesale customers.

More information at https://www.patisserie-escoffier.com/


From feeding the young French kids mainly, Antonin Catering is now also providing its Plats de Résistance to Hong Kong residents with a growing success.

Lately, the cooperation with Disciples Escoffier enables Antonin Catering to expand it’s line of products with a quality line of French delicacies.

In 2021, We are looking forward to working with retailers, and online platforms to grow the business to another level.

Our Instagram page for a pictural expression of our work!




Beech street,

Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 6894 8213

Tel2 : +852 5199 1104